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Unfreeze Durian

The method of thawing frozen durian is:

1. Place it at room temperature to defrost it gradually.

2. The lowest gear for microwave thawing. When defrosting in a microwave oven, be sure to use the lowest level and gradually heat up. At the beginning, it should be heated for about two minutes, and then the heating time should be determined according to the degree of thawing, until it is completely thawed. Never heat it for 10 minutes at the beginning.

Frozen durian is the most common and most popular way to preserve durian. Peel the pulp out, put it in a sealed fresh-keeping box or put it in a fresh-keeping bag, and put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. Such preservation can generally keep fresh for about three days. If you smell sourness or alcohol when you eat it, it has gone bad and you should not continue to eat it. When it's time to eat it, defrost it slightly and eat it with a spoon. It will have the texture and flavor of ice cream.

(1) Defrosting: Musang King is frozen in liquid nitrogen to lock the umami flavor, and is transported in the cold chain throughout the entire process. The cat fans are still frozen when they get it, just like hard ice lump.

Thawing method:

A. Natural thawing: Place it indoors for 2-3 hours (some iced ones are more refreshing and taste like ice cream).

B. Defrost in a microwave oven: Defrost for 10-15 minutes (Mao Shan Wang has a strong fragrance and does not smell).

(2) How to eat:

A. It can be eaten directly. The durian pulp gets on your hands, so "finger sucking" is a must.

B. You can make a variety of desserts, such as durian cake, durian pizza, durian layer, durian ice cream, durian tea, etc. You can show off your baking skills.

The name Musang King is derived from the civet cat in Malaysia. The Malay word "musang" for civet cat is the same as "Maoshan". The sensitive and picky civet cat is a little expert in recognizing the qualities of Musang King. Malaysians took the whole durian that fell from the tree but did not split after being ripe and sent it to a "cat mountain" (Malay "civet" MUSANG) trapped in a cage, and then smelled it to identify the good and the bad. What if" "Maoshan" was overwhelmed with excitement, this durian is the best "Maoshan King".

Although Musang King is produced in many places in Malaysia, only the Musang King produced in Pahang is the best quality. Although Pahang is not the origin of Musang King, Pahang has become synonymous with the origin of Musang King. In Pahang, the places with better quality output are Raub County and Bentong County. It is not that only these two places have good quality Musang King output, but the comparison of the proportion of good quality Musang King output between these two places High, which is closely related to the local soil, climate, and altitude.